Auto Guide Awning


Auto Guide Awnings, which are also known as lock arm awnings, are one the most popular outdoor blind systems. 

The system allows the blind to be raised and lowered to any position by sliding the arms on the guide rods.  This flexibility allows you to better control the amount of light entering through a window. 


The Auto Guide Awning is a simple robust awning.  One of the main strengths of an Auto Guide Awning is that it does not project far from the wall, so if a path or driveway is close to the window, the awning will not obstruct access.  The awning covers the entire window and so is suitable for facing any direction for sun protection. This awning is suitable for the windy Highland conditions as it has the ability to retract itself.  The control mechanism is a self-locking arm that allow for easy adjustment by hand or by a pull stick. 


We use fabrics manufactured to suit Australian conditions thus making them durable enough to last. Similarly there is an extensive range of colours, styles and designs to suit any design or taste.


Auto Locking Arms are available in 150 and 300 projection.  The greater projection will give greater ventilation through an open window and can be up to a height of 4 metres from the ground. 

The top roller can be covered by a hood. The hood and front rail are roll-formed Colourbond steel and all other components are galvanized steel.